• Introducing Doll-E Girl's Official Sticker Pack – a collection of high-quality premium vinyl stickers that bring attitude and style to any surface. This limited edition pack features three exclusive designs: "FCK LUV," "Muneca," and "Little Miss TNB." Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these stickers showcase the edgy and bold aesthetic that defines Doll-E Girl's unique brand. 🖤 FCK LUV: Make a statement with this fearless design that challenges conventional notions of love. Featuring striking typography and Doll-E Girl's signature style, "FCK LUV" is a powerful expression of independence and self-love. 💄 Muneca: Embrace your inner doll with the "Muneca" sticker. This design combines elements of playfulness and strength, reflecting Doll-E Girl's dynamic personality. It's a perfect addition to any surface that needs a touch of rebellious charm. 🌟 Little Miss TNB: Unleash your inner troublemaker with the "Little Miss TNB" sticker. This design captures the essence of Doll-E Girl's "Too Hood for Most" attitude, adding a rebellious and sassy flair to your belongings. Each sticker is crafted from premium vinyl, ensuring durability and vibrant colors. The limited supply of this sticker pack makes it a must-have for collectors and fans alike. Once these exclusive stickers are gone, they're gone for good, making this pack a rare and valuable addition to your collection. Elevate your style and make a bold statement with Doll-E Girl's Official Sticker Pack – a celebration of individuality, empowerment, and a touch of rebellious glamour. Grab yours now before they vanish into collector's history! Sticker specifications: FCK LUV 3"x3" Little Miss TNB 4"x4" Muneca 3"x2"
  • Rooted in streetwear culture and emanating from the creative hub of Los Angeles, California, these garments seamlessly blend contemporary style with cultural significance. The Dia De Los Muertos collection features intricately designed graphics, incorporating iconic Day of the Dead imagery such as sugar skulls, marigold flowers, and symbolic patterns. The juxtaposition of bold colors against dark backgrounds creates a visually striking and edgy aesthetic, paying homage to the rich traditions of the festival while maintaining a modern, urban vibe. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the shirts and sweatshirt from G Files Clothing offer a comfortable and stylish fit. The garments not only serve as a fashion statement but also as a cultural expression, allowing wearers to embrace and celebrate the essence of Dia De Los Muertos in a contemporary, streetwear context.