Miss TNB Sticker


Introducing the “Little Miss Trust No Bitch” sticker by Doll-E Girl – a captivating ode to her viral anthem, “Trust No Bitch.” This premium vinyl sticker not only pays homage to the iconic song but also channels the timeless charm of 1980s Mr & Mrs characters. This retro-inspired design is a perfect fusion of Doll-E Girl’s Chicana style and the classic aesthetic of a bygone era.

🕶️ Vintage Vibes: Transport yourself back to the early 1980s with the “Little Miss Trust No Bitch” sticker, reminiscent of the ever so popular Mr & Mrs characters that defined the era for all children at that time. This throwback design adds a touch of nostalgia to your collection while keeping things fresh and relevant.

🎤 Iconic Ode: This sticker is more than just a visual treat – it’s a celebration of Doll-E Girl’s viral hit, “Trust No Bitch.” The bold typography and striking design capture the essence of the song’s fearless message, making it a standout addition to any surface.

💿 Premium Vinyl Quality: Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the 4″x4″ “Little Miss Trust No Bitch” sticker is made from high-quality premium vinyl. This ensures longevity, vibrant colors, and a smooth finish that stands the test of time.

👑 A Collector’s Essential: Don’t miss the chance to add this limited-edition sticker to your collection. Whether you’re a devoted fan or a collector of unique and iconic pieces, “Little Miss Trust No Bitch” is a must-have that brings together the best of past and present.

Elevate your style with this retro-cool sticker that combines Doll-E Girl’s L.A hood edge with a nod to the classics. Make a statement, celebrate the timeless “Trust No Bitch” anthem, and ensure you’re on-trend with this premium vinyl masterpiece. Secure yours now and let the rebellious spirit of Doll-E Girl adorn your world!



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